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If My Child Has Asthma, Can We Keep Our Pet?
At least 30% of people with asthma are allergic to animals. . And any animal that lives in a cage (from birds to gerbils) will produce . In some cases, your doctor may say that it's OK to keep a pet if your child receives medicine or allergy shots.


The Kitchen Physician Herbal Remedies for Parrots
ALOE VERA-- The most popular herbal remedy for the care of parrots seems to . birds with chronic pin feathers, liver problems, pox lesions, allergic dermatitis, .


Can My Bird Make Me Sick - Pet Birds -
Allergic Alveolitus is also known as Pigeon Lung Disease and Parakeet Dander . antibiotic treatment as well as placing birds under quarantine to prevent the .


Is it possible to be allergic to birds? · Pet Allergies ...
Mar 28, 2012 . Is it actually possible to be allergic to birds? My new boyfriend has a pet . Prescription & Over-The-Counter Drugs · Emotional & Mental Health .

Bird allergy Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments and Causes ...
Feb 1, 2012 . Bird allergy information including symptoms, diagnosis, . Bird allergy: A bird allergy is an adverse reaction by the body's immune system to birds. . Where this is not possible, treatment of allergy is dependant upon the type of .


Pet Parrots 101 - Health Risks - For Humans
Health Risks For Humans From Parrets, Zoonosis and Allergies from Parrots . Without the treatment however fatality rate in humans is 15-20%. So if you are a .

Vet's Views: Feather Picking Part Two - Holistic Birds
In veterinary medicine we suspect that birds have allergies, however, no one has ever documented a case of allergic feather picking in pet birds. Currently, there .


Bird Allergy
Bird allergy appear as a reaction to feather dander and bird droppings. . from this type of allergy are those who come in close contact with birds like farm workers, . on its own, but if it doesn't, a doctor can help you find the proper treatment.

Avian Respiratory Diseases - Avian Care
This can be achieved with one hand in budgies but larger birds require a two- handed . vitamin A deficiency; parasites; foreign body; (also reovirus, avian pox, allergy) . A 1:10 solution of Tylan in plant sprayer may be used in the treatment of .


Bird Allergy Symptoms |
Bird allergies can occur upon immediate exposure to birds, but in many cases . have a cat or dog, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.


Bird Allergy Symptoms | LIVESTRONG.COM
Apr 26, 2011. people develop allergies to cats and dogs, allergic reaction to birds is . Treatment includes use of an inhaler, allergy shots or antihistamines.

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Allergies To Pet Birds | LIVESTRONG.COM
Sep 28, 2010 . When birds shed these substances, the microscopic allergens dry and . contact may require both avoidance of allergens and drug therapy.

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When Bird Allergy Flies Your Way
However, medical statistics reveal that globally, the ratio of people allergic to birds are far lower compared to those allergic to other animals like dogs and cats.

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Allergy to Domestic Pets - Allergy UK
Search: Leading the fight against allergy . What is Causing Your Allergy? . Drug Allergy . Rabbits, small rodents and caged birds are very popular pets.

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Allergic to Your Bird - Petco
Birds make us smile, make us laugh, and even reduce our blood pressure. . A wide range of medication is available to treat the symptoms of allergic reactions.

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Does your bird have lot of white dust? - Allergies & Asthma Help
Question: I have many birds and yes there is a lot of dust,don't think it causes . Find the best savings and discounts on all Asthma and Allergies medication and .

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parrot fever - Medical Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
Definition of parrot fever in the Medical Dictionary. parrot fever explanation. . hay fever a seasonal form of allergic rhinitis, with acute conjunctivitis, lacrimation, .

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Respiratory Disease in Birds | VCA Animal Hospitals
What are some of the causes of respiratory disease in pet birds? . Rarely, allergies to environmental allergens may also cause signs of respiratory . Antifungal drugs are used in cases of fungal disease like aspergillosis, and parasites are .

Zoonotic (Bird-Human) Diseases: Allergic Alveolitus - BirdsnWays
Jun 1, 1998 . Diseases transmitted from birds to humans. Disease names . Allergic Alveolitus, Campylobacteriosis and New Castles Disease. . If exposure is stopped at this time, no treatment is necessary and the signs will disappear.

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medicine for allergy in parrots
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